Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why Microsoft will beat Apple and Google


Apple says we're in a "post-PC" world, keeping mobile devices like iPad and iPhone in front, considering PC as a completely different platform. Mobile devices are for consuming content and Macs are for creating them.

Google focuses on web as the platform of future, which is a device-free approach but requires constant connectivity. Once your internet connection is lost, your link with Google is gone.

While Microsoft’s vision is to provide the same user experience on all platforms. Whether you use PC, tablet, phone or TV, you will be able to access your apps, content and settings. Plus Bing, SkyDrive and Windows Live will give access to Microsoft’s cloud services platform. Just sing in through windows live to any of the devices and you will have it all.

Apple and Google shared the same vision but their execution is different.

Meanwhile, Apple is leading the smartphones and tablet market while google is leading the search and cloud platform leaving Microsoft in an unusual situation by depending on its PC sales.

By building Windows 8, Microsoft seems to understand that PC won’t stay what it is today and has also learnt lessons from its former mobile platform experience, which is filled with failures, when Microsoft tried to provide an interface that behaves like Windows.

Windows 8 Metro-Style interface that replaces Forms received good reviews and was tested on devices like PCs, notebooks, tablets and large touchscreen displays. Blending cloud services like Bing and SkyDrive will take Windows to a next level. Bing will give a enhanced and integrated search experience and SkyDrive will cater the cloud storage solution.

This won’t be a overnight success but Microsoft is getting ready for a long-term plan. Microsoft is preparing for a comeback through windows 8 and this is something Apple and Google should be worried about.

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