Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Microsoft ‘Surface’ tablet is coming soon


Microsoft on Monday introduced ‘Surface’, a tablet computer that runs Microsoft's upcoming operation system known as Windows 8. Initiating a strategic shift as the company has completely overhauled Windows to compete with its rival Apple and the tablet is the first computing device directly produced and sold by Microsoft.

The first version of the Microsoft Surface tablet is built on microchips designed by ARM, microchips generally used by other smartphones and tablets. This Microsoft Surface version comes in 32GB and 64GB memory sizes and will be available in the market with the general release of windows 8.

Another, heavier version of Microsoft Surface tablet will be built on traditional Intel microchips and will be running a fuller version of windows 8 operating system. This Microsoft Surface version will come in 64GB and 128GB models and will be available about three months after the ARM version, the company has said.

The tablet has almost every standard tablet feature including a 10.6 inch HD display touchscreen and front and rear cameras. However, Microsoft Surface has some other must mention features. A pressure sensitive device cover that flips down to become a full keyboard and an integrated kickstand.

The company did not give specific details about pricing but said they would be comparable with the other tablets available in the market.

With the release of Surface, Microsoft will put itself directly in competition with its hardware partners such as Samsung and HP. However, the company has said that it will not be the exclusive manufacturer of Windows tablets.

Microsoft Windows is running on 90% of the world’s computers and devices. The company has reinvented the operating system with a touch-friendly interface called ‘Metro’. Revamping such a successful model is usually not a good idea but time needs change.

Apple’s iPad has been taking away windows customers for two years now. PC sales have been dropped to a flat line. Consumers look for more portable and simpler devices.

Microsoft has been into the hardware business for 30 years, mainly producing keyboards and mice. But after overcoming the problems and investing billons, Xbox game console became Microsoft ‘s first successful manufacturing venture.

Microsoft’s Zune music player was also not a success and was taken off the market soon after launch. RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook is another example of failure.

Microsoft is not the only company trying to follow Apple’s strategy, Google is also expanding to become a smartphone maker.

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