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I am Arbab Ali Khan, I have worked as an application developer at financial institutions in Pakistan. Then I started Innovarge (a technology startup) and (a news site). I have done my Bachelors (Computer Science) from Newports Institute of Communications and Economics to become a software engineer. I love developing, blogging, tweeting, eating, watching movies and exploring exciting things in life.

Some details about my work:

Innovarge provides technology services to organizations including financial products, business process automation, web development and social media management. Apart from these services, my purpose to form Innovarge is to focus on the concepts I admire. is an example. is a news site that gathers content from the most popular and trusted news sources on the web. follows hundreds of 'Feeds' from around the web to gather quality news, throughout the day.

Other Activities:

Besides my professional life I am a member of MKMZ, a social work community striving for the availability of basic necessities to the deprived people with best resources and right technique in fields like environment, cleanliness, blood donation, first aid, education, or any small task for which we generally wait for someone or the other to fulfil.

I also started a caused based clothing venture wear-a-cause with my friend cum brother Saqib Ali Kazmi under the banner of SAK Fashions. We design tee-shirts that help identify and highlight the issues we face in our society. Our tee-shirts provide avenues for spreading a good word, a smile, or a noble cause wherever one goes.

About this blog:

This is my personal blog where I share my information and analysis about different technologies and products. I also share my views about technology concepts and other social issues and events as they unfold around me. Keep visiting this blog to know more about my discoveries and experiences. You may post comments on my posts if you like to.

More about myself:

I am married and have 3 cute girls. I love eating, hangout with my family and watching movies at the cinema. Add me on facebook or follow me on twitter to know more about me.

Where else to find me:


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