Friday, March 9, 2012

Revolutionize the classroom

In my previous post I wrote about how to bring revolution in education by introducing smart devices to replace traditional textbooks and copies. Here we will talk about how to revolutionize the classroom by introducing smarter ways of teaching, collaboration and social networking in the field of education.

To revolutionize the classroom we need to introduce engaging and interactive ways of teaching through the use of technology. Replacing blackboards by projector based presentations through smart devices is one way. It can save the time spent in writing during the class and the content can be made available for distribution inside and outside the classroom instead of being wasted by rubbing the blackboard as soon as the class gets over. The content produced by teachers should be interactive and be more like a game.

Useful tools, applications and platforms should be developed for teachers to make productive classroom presentations quickly and easily.

Collaboration is another key factor in making education smarter. The classroom content should be made available online for students to navigate, access and interact outside the class thus creating a shared learning environment.

An educational social network can become an important platform for students where they can collaborate, contribute, discuss and seek real-time assistance from both teachers and fellow students. Hence the classroom can go beyond physical boundaries.

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