Friday, June 10, 2011

Cloud Computing and Pakistan

Cloud computing is the Buzz word these days. Why do business entities need to have their own data centers. It needs huge space, uninterrupted power supply, a big team of server administrators, network professionals and security experts. The objective is just to deal with day to day business operations. Its like generating your own electric power to run the business.
By moving to the cloud, companies just need to focus on business applications and their outcomes without having to be worried about the infrastructure and other hassles. Besides infrastructure, companies providing cloud solutions are also helping to build a business application. Google App and Microsoft Windows Azure are the examples.
Some companies providing cloud computing Solutions are:
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • IBM
  • Amazon
Some key features of cloud computing are:
  • Flexible
  • Little or no startup fee
  • Usage based cost of services
Cloud computing is a hope for companies in Pakistan where they can setup a business and put their applications almost for free on the cloud without installing a huge IT infrastructure which at times cost more than the actual capital of the business. Secondly, it can save you from the power issues which is a major problem in Pakistan and requires its own arrangement and backup.

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